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Warranty and After Sales Service


As an extra service for our customers, Bits of Bali Jewelry offers a 30 day warranty for manufacturing defects (such as defective clasps or stone settings) valid from the date of purchase in the store or the date of online shipment arrival. This EXCLUDES the discoloration of metals (eg, accidental perfume spray, sunscreen lotion, individual sweat chemistry reaction to the silver, etc) or damage resulting from accidents or individual negligence (eg, scratches, dents, broken/missing chains, etc). Our warranty does not denote a replacement of an item but rather a repair or re-plating service.

Send us an email at and be prepared to send your jewelry back to us in Bali in the original packaging with the original receipt. The shipping cost both ways is paid by the customer.



Love our jewelry so much until it’s wearing out? Though our gold plating is exceptionally thick and the pieces hand crafted by our skilled silversmiths, sometimes a piece needs a little extra love. Don't worry, with an extra cost, we offer gold re-plating service after your purchase as a part of our customer service to our loyal customers. Simply ship the jewelry in the original box back to our shop in Bali and your jewelry will come back sparkly and has its new life!

If you need a repair on your jewelry, please contact us at, describe the issue and you will receive a repair/ reconditioning assessment and quote. Once we send you the assessment, we recommend you to ship the jewelry to us with the original receipt in a secured package via insured mail service. The shipping cost both ways is paid by the customer. 



Items must be Bits of Bali jewelry and purchased via our Bali shops or online shop
Warranties only valid for 30 Days from date of purchase or the date of shipment arrival.
Repairs will be individually priced in the assessment.

For further information, please send us an email:



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