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(Q) : “Is it a local brand? Is it made locally?”
(A) : “Yes, it is a local brand, by the Indonesian designer, Sri Utami. The pieces are all handmade by our silversmiths in Bali.”

(Q): “What is the material?”
(A) : “Our jewelry is made of sterling silver 925, and gold vermeil (sterling silver 925 dipped into18 Karat gold), and high quality genuine gemstones. And the pieces on the "Fine Jewelry" section are made of 14 and 18 Karat solid yellow gold and white gold”.


(Q): “What is gold vermeil?”
(A) : “Gold vermeil (pronounced: ver-may) is the jewelry that has a sterling silver 925 base that has been gold-plated. Gold-vermeil is considered more valuable than other gold-plated jewelry, since gold vermeil uses 925 hypoallergenic sterling silver as a base, whereas the jewelry that is stated as gold-plated only can use brass (less valuable metal) as base, and brass can tarnish over time, which causes your fingers to turn into green and allergic at times.


(Q): “I am allergic to lots of metal materials. Is this jewelry going to cause allergy?"
(A) : “All of our pieces are made from sterling silver 925, which is considered hypoallergenic or not causing allergy, unless you normally have a very severe reaction to any kind of metals, including solid gold. Our jewelry is safe for MOST children, and NOT causing allergic reaction to most children."


(Q): “This ring is too small.  Do you have different sizes for the rings?"
(A) : “Yes, we have the rings available in size 5, 6, 7, 8 (USA standard). Some unisex models are available up to size 11. The pieces are also available in different gemstones and both in sterling silver and gold vermeil. The average ring size for our female customers is 6 & 7.


(Q) : “How thick is the gold plating?”
(A) : “Our gold plating is much thicker than the industry standard. We also put special layer on top of the gold to make the gold last longer."


(Q) : “Is your jewelry safe to be exposed with water or in the shower?”
(A) : “Yes, our jewelry is safe to be worn in the water. However, we strongly recommend you taking them off before shower, especially with any gold-vermeil jewelry, to ensure the gold lasts much longer. If you plan to wear your jewelry everyday and never taking them off, we world recommend you to wear sterling silver pieces, as they require less maintenance."

(Q) : “How long does the gold plating last?”
(A) : “It depends on how you wear it and also depends on the natural chemical of your own body and individual sweat. For the necklace and earrings, the gold last longer up to 2-3 years, as long as they are not exposed to sunblock/sunscreen lotions, perfume or swimming pool water. For the rings and bracelets, they generally last less than earrings/necklaces, as they rub off with surfaces as you work with your hands, but it also depends on how you wear it. To make it last longer, please take them off before hand wash, shower or other vigorous activities.”

(Q) : “What happens after 2-3 years when the gold wears-off?”
(A) : “The jewelry will slowly turning into a soft colored gold (like from rich 18K gold, slowly turn into 14K gold, then 10K gold), and then the jewelry will eventually turn into silver color, the original material of sterling silver. But don't worry, we provide gold plating service after your purchase as a part of our customer service to our customers. Simply email us for the info, and send your jewelry in a box to our shop in Bali."


(Q) : “Do you do any replating service?”
(A) : “ Yes, we do. If you would like to refresh the jewelry and make it looks like new again, please drop it off at our Ubud shop or ship it back to us. The replating process will take about 2-3 weeks, and it costs USD 15-45, depends on how small or big the pieces are.”

(Q): “What is your return policy?”
(A) : “We have no return/refund policy. However, if there’s any problem, please send it back to us in Ubud, Bali within 30 days of the purchase date and we will repair it for you. The cost of the return shipping is carried/paid by you.”

(Q) : “How much is the shipping cost on your online shop? And How long does it take to arrive in Europe/Australia/America/Middle East/etc?”
(A) : “The shipping cost of regular service is approximately US$15, and it takes about 2-3 weeks to arrive, depends on the country. The other option is semi-express and express shipping. We provide shipping tracking code and insurance for all shipment options.

(Q) : “Can you do a custom order?”
(A) : “Yes, we can. The custom order must be a value of US$400 or more for silver material, and more for solid gold. The materials can be yellow gold (14K & 18K), white gold and silver, using natural diamonds, lab diamonds, or any precious gemstones. For custom designs, we do both handmade and in 3D. Please email our designer, Sri directly to discuss the design and time involved. She will get back to you immediately. She can be reached at”

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