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Buy Bali Jewelry: Experience Bali At Your Home

Were you planning on going to Bali? Were you longing to buy yourself some elegant, Bali inspired handmade jewelry, but you were unable to do so? We are very sorry about that and we really hope you can make it next year, but let us console you. You can now safely buy Bali jewelry from wherever you want.

Wait and read more if you want your purchase of Balinese jewelry to become an experience. Trough this post we want to explain to you more about our jewels. We want you to feel the nature, uniqueness, and importance of our jewelry.

Learn more about the provenience, history, inspiration, typical techniques, and uniqueness. Research about the ethical aspect, quality, and the variety of all the gemstones that we use to produce those Bali handcrafted jewels. This way you can understand what makes them so particular and valued.


Bali island: one of the most beautiful places on Earth, located in Indonesia. Known for its wonderful sandy beaches, romantic sunsets, rice fields, volcanos and waterfalls, rich flora, its various wildlife, majestic temples, interesting culture, and very kind people. This exotic place will steal your heart. 

If you are passionate about jewelry and gems, you are familiar with the fact that Bali is also famous for its unique handmade jewelry. It is actually known as having some of the world's best gold and silversmiths. 

Balinese jewelry: history

The art of metalwork has a very long tradition in Bali. Its beginning goes back to the Bronze age. It was brought here from the Southeast Asian areas. The most known objects from that early age are the bronze drums which can be still seen on the Bali island. The most famous is the Moon of Pejeng, situated in a temple pavilion in Pejeng. From this metal age, they found necklaces, rings, hairpins, and beads in the graves. 

This period was just the beginning. The flourish of the art of silver-making began with the colonization of Bali by the Majapahit Empire of Java. The skills of silversmiths have been passed from generation to generation and are still very alive even today.


Bali jewelry is particular because inspired by many different elements from the surroundings: all the flower colors and shapes, interesting animal patterns, symmetrical shapes of nature, and especially by the rich culture.  Wood carving, spirituality, and the importance of love and beauty that can be found even in their gifts to their Gods.  The art itself is an offering to the gods. All those elements and beliefs matter and are expressed in Bali jewelry.

Typical techniques

Some of the most known techniques that are used to produce typical Bali jewels are fine filigree, jawan, and granulation. 

Fine filigree is a traditional craft of delicate metalwork soldering twisted threads of metal and tiny beads to create a design or image. The final look is similar to lace and is hard to believe that human hands are able to do such extraordinary work. 

Jawan is a technique that uses tiny spots of silver to create a decorative texture. 

Granulation is similar to the jawan technique, but the spots are even more refined speckles of metals put together to make an image.

The uniqueness of SRI UTAMI jewelry

Inspired by the environment and artistic communities that live and breathe the island art. Designed by the talented Indonesian designer Sri Utami, an artist and photo reporter who traveled the world. Sri's design incorporates simplicity, versatility, and elegance. Her pieces are easy-to-wear, classy, and sophisticated. SRI UTAMI jewelry offers you high-quality precious gems, gold, and sterling silver products that will bring elegance and Bali vibes on your body, and from it to your soul. 

Ethical attitude

You should know that when you purchase Balinese jewels you support Bali local artisans. Partnering with local artisans contributes to the development and livelihood of local communities too.

We care for our local community and we trust our local artisans. This is why all our jewels are handmade in the silversmith village Celuk. It is known as the home of the masters of gold and silver in Bali. Our silversmiths and goldsmiths are very skilled, precise but also devoted and patient. The craftspersons work tightly with the designer to turn their ideas into reality. Sometimes it takes even two days of handwork to make just one single necklace. Our jewels are not precious only because of their fine materials and design but also because of the love and time that is invested in those pieces and the stories they tell as art objects.

Fine quality 

We only want to offer the best to our costumers. For us, it is very important that the jewels are made from the finest quality materials, this way you can wear them for life. This is why we use only genuine, high quality cut precious stones, semi-precious stones, and CZ crystals. We only use a hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver and very thick 14- carat and 18-carat gold vermeil (sometimes even the genuine 22-carat gold). 


We offer you a big range of precious stones: amethyst, aquamarine, black onyx, black spinel, blue sapphire, blue topaz, citrine, diamond, emerald, garnet, green quartz, iolite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, opal, pearls, pink topaz, rainbow moonstone, rhodonite, rose quartz, ruby, smokey quartz, tourmaline, turquoise, and white topaz.

If you would like to know more about the meaning of those precious stones, their energies or purposes - which one goes better for a particular occasion, you can check on our gemstones info page

You have probably seen those gems on jtv, but we assure you that incorporated with our design they will achieve a whole new meaning.

Buy Bali jewelry online

Besides our three physical shops that are located in Ubud, the cultural and spiritual center of Bali (Monkey Forest rd, Dewi Sita st, Goutama st), you can buy Bali jewelry online too. Visit SRI UTAMI online shop. We have many pieces of elegant and sophisticated Balinese jewels. You can choose between different models and designs of Bali necklaces, Bali earrings, Bali bracelets, Bali rings. 

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